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Who is Laura Denfer

A novel with Laura Denfer

By Anne-Marie Bernard

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Belgian author invites readers into the astonishing and hostile world of a French-Korean heroine on a mission to save her country from a looming war whilst simultaneously evading the entrapments of its corrupt authorities.

BlueInk Review

The title of this unremittingly dark espionage thriller is fitting; although the storyline is impressively labyrinthine and adeptly narrated, it’s the incredibly complex – and utterly heartrending – character of Laura Denfer that makes this such a powerful read.

The story begins in shocking style: thirty-six-year-old Laura Denfer, who is half Korean and half French, has been incarcerated for almost two years in a North Korean prison, where she has endured unspeakable tortures. One of the military leaders of the prison is a hardcore sadomasochist, and after physically abusing her, he oftentimes sexually assaults her as well. When British Marines storm the prison and free Denfer, she finds that she is still not in control of her own destiny. With numerous assassins trying to kill her and alleged allies trying to understand her role in a volatile political situation that could potentially lead to another world war, Denfer must com to grips with her nightmarish experience while also completing her secret mission – whatever that may be…

This is not a novel without flaws. At times, Bernard’s focus on the dynamic character interplay and intricate storyline leads to a disregard for setting. The attention to locale description during the sequences when Denfer is imprisoned, for example, are brilliant and make for a vivid and fully immersive reading experience. But elsewhere, that attention to description is largely forgotten and the exotic locales she visits are only superficially described.

That said, this is an intense and deeply satisfying read; Bernard’s writing style is intelligent, crisp, and unapologetic. Although some readers may find the graphic torture scenes and sadomasochistic sexuality disagreeable, adventurous readers who aren’t repelled by such subject matter will find Bernard’s courageous French-Korean heroine simultaneously intriguing and endearing.

AuthorHouse Review

Laura Denfer knew every nook and cranny of her stifling prison cell. Having spent over a year within its inhibiting walls how could she not? Still Laura could not fathom the cause of her unmerited misfortune. In the midst of her assignment to save her native country from civil war, something had gone terribly wrong and she had been imprisoned on charges of high treason. Unable to confess her true intentions, Laura has no choice but to silently endure her brutal treatment in the North Korean jail until she is unexpectedly rescued by British Marines eighteen months after her capture. Liberated from the clutches of the severe North Korean authorities, Laura is determined to start her mission over and execute her initial agenda. When she finds herself aboard a British naval ship Laura soon realizes that her alleged rescuers have their own sinister plans for her, and once again she is not in control of her own destiny. Haunted by graphic memories of her imprisonment, Laura struggles to tell friend from foe amid the ship’s miscreant passengers. Will Laura be able to suppress the demons of her past in time to evade the unknown challenges that lie in wait for her on the horizon?

With its energetic plot, vibrant and charismatic heroine, and its flashes of eroticism, Laura Denfer, is a smart and engaging novel with a broad appeal. Anne-Marie Bernard’s flair for dark romance, combined with the novel’s pulsating action and alarming twist and turns, make Laura Denfer an excellent choice for those readers looking for an intelligent and ambitious thriller.

About the Author: Anne-Marie Bernard decided to put her career in the financial sector on hold ten years ago in order to develop her creative skills and to achieve a series of artistic goals. Her greatest challenge was to write a novel in English – only her second language – which she has delivered here with aplomb. Anne-Marie Bernard lives in Belgium with her husband.